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Being a part of the lawn and landscape industry for more than 100 years gives Barenbrug a distinct advantage over other turf seed companies. We have been a major contributor in an industry continually seeking unique solutions for a growing number of commercial, municipal and residential uses. Whether you need turf that saves on your water bill, stands up to a lot of foot traffic or grows well in shade, Barenbrug will continue to offer the best available options.

Our partnership in the professional turf industry is founded in part by membership, active participation and support in the leading U.S. golf, sports turf and landscape associations. Barenbrug views this support as a vital means of investing in the future health and stability of a professional industry.

Turf Star

Turf Star ® is the best quality perennial ryegrass available. If you want dark colored perennial ryegrass and you want to be sure about genetic and mechanical purity, use Turf Star. Turf Star also exhibits fast germination and quick establishment.






Professional Turf Territory Managers

Turf Legend:

   Jay Ingham  559.974.2657 More information
   Jeremy Fortner  502.396.6804 More information
   Cassie Kearns  903-278-2678 More information
   Bruce Chapman  401.578.2300 More information
   Nicholas Strain  608.807.8964 More information


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